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Estate Planning

Determine which type of plan is right for you. From wills to trusts and other options you may be less familiar with, I’ll help you choose the best option for your future.

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Revocable Trusts are an incredibly powerful estate planning tool, allowing you to completely avoid probate and choose the way your gifts are passed down to future generations.

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Standard wills list who will receive your assets in the event of your death, but it’s at the cost of the expensive and lengthy probate process.

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The process of proving the will can be painful and long-winded. You’ll need someone on your side who understands the process and can reduce stress during this tough time.

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Disability Planning

Not every type of estate plan covers mental disability. Make sure you’re prepared in the event of an accident or stroke that leaves you incapacitated.

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Protection Planning for Minors

What will happen if both you and your spouse pass away simultaneously? Learn about the different types of trusts you can set up for minors and the best ways to choose the right guardian for your children.

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Legacy Transfer Planning

After your death, you’ll want to leave your beneficiaries more than just money; share with them your values and beliefs through comprehensive legacy planning.

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Joint Tenancy

This simple and inexpensive plan is easy to execute, but it may not cover all of your property assets. Find out if this is the right estate planning solution for you and your partner.

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Beneficiary Designations

IRAs and 401k plans usually don’t require a lawyer and are affordable to set up. Learn more about beneficiary designations and when they are available to use.

Business Succession Planning

If you’re ready to pass your business down to your son or daughter, ensure the legal process is handled correctly. This way, it can continue to stay in the family for several more generations.

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