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“Marc did a terrific job of explaining how my trust would work.”

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Most people don’t have a will or trust plan to solve the legal problems involved with lifetime mental incapacity and transferring assets at death. We help you create the best plan to protect your family, assets, money, and dignity without court actions. You can make life easier for those you love by reducing their financial burdens and emotional stress.


Not having the right will or trust plan in place will leave your family with an emotional and financial mess. A loving person who cares about his or her family will choose to plan before something bad happens, such as a car accident, fall, stroke, illness, mental incapacity or death. We can help you obtain the best solutions for both lifetime mental incapacity planning and asset transfer planning before tragedy strikes.


Marc Carlson
Highly Rated Estate Planning Attorney

We wholeheartedly recommend Marc as an outstanding estate planning attorney. His approach to estate planning is exceptional. Marc is not just an attorney; he’s a remarkable teacher. He simplifies complex concepts, using visuals to make everything clear. He takes the time to explore various approaches and helps you weigh the pros and cons, tailoring his advice to your needs. With his extensive professional experience, Marc leaves no aspect of estate planning unexamined. His knowledge ensures a comprehensive strategy. Working with Marc is a pleasure. He’s courteous, diligent, thorough, patient, and prompt. But what truly sets him apart is his genuine care for his clients. I trust Marc so much that I want him to be my children’s attorney for their estate planning. He’s the best, and I’m grateful for his guidance. Thank you, Marc!

Paul and Pam  –   Google Review from Sept. 19th, 2023
Americas Most Honored Lawyers

 Marc Carlson was named one of the few America’s Most Honored Lawyers – Top 1% 2022

2024 Martindale Hubble

 In 2024, Marc Carlson received the highest possible peer review rating with Martindale Hubble – AV Preeminent.

2023 Best of Castle Rock


In 2023, Marc Carlson received the ‘Best of Castle Rock 2023’ award.

Estate Planning Lawyers Colorado Lawyers of Distinction

 In 2023 Marc Carlson received the coveted ‘Laywers of Distinction’ rating.

Great Families Plan

Be Prepared: Whether you’re a working single adult, young parents with children, preparing for retirement, or retired, you need to be prepared for whatever life may bring with a comprehensive Will or Trust plan.

Without a spouse or dependents, you may think you’re not ready for a will or trust. But who will make your healthcare and financial decisions if you’re unable? 


Who will your children live with on either a temporary or permanent basis? Take the guesswork out of the equation and plan for the unknown now.


Preparation later in life is key. From wills to trusts, ensure that you and your family are prepared for the future.


Benefits of Working with Marc


Learn about the plans and options available to you, then make a choice based on your needs.

Friendly & Understandable

I take the time to explain each process thoroughly so that you can make an educated decision about your future.

Available Options

From basic to comprehensive, we will find a plan that fits your budget and your personal needs.

Customized & Comprehensive

Receive a personalized estate plan tailored to your family and their best interests.


From information gathering to correctly “funding” your plan, I help you along the way.

Peace of Mind

With a full-fledged estate plan drafted by an experienced attorney, you know your family is protected for years to come.

Fixed Fee

We agree on a fixed fee based on the Will or Trust Plan you choose.


I understand that no plan is one-size-fits-all. We work to find a legally solid solution together.

Practice Areas

Receive the Plan You Want and Understand the Plan You Choose

When you visit an experienced attorney, you’ll know your estate plan will be thoughtfully crafted and legally binding.

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Ensure your wishes are carried out. A will can make that happen for you. This document helps direct where property in your name is distributed upon your death.

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Trusts keep your affairs private, cover all of your bases in terms of assets, and avoid the stressful probate process.

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What will happen if you become mentally unable to make financial or medical decisions for yourself? Be prepared for potential incapacitation.

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Setting up a custom plan for your children’s individual needs is the best thing you can do to ensure they’re taken care of properly.

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Learn what the difference is and how you can choose the best option for you.

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Don’t blindly pass down money to your children. Share your legacy and create terms for how beneficiaries can use their inheritance with protection from creditors and predators..

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Will your children or grandchildren get “sudden wealth syndrome” after receiving their part of the estate? We can prevent that together.

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Regardless of your family situation, age or assets, you should be prepared in the event of your sudden mental incapacity or death. It’s a loving thing to do for your spouse, children and /or grandchildren.

Peace of Mind: I’ve helped many people over the years be prepared when it comes to their estate and protecting their family’s future. My personal goal is to give clients peace of mind in the event of death or mental disability. Their families can be well taken care of as a result of thoughtful and knowledgeable planning


What Is My “Estate”?:  Every adult should have a Will or Trust plan. “Estate” is the legal term used to define your property and money—basically, everything that belongs to you. You don’t have to consider yourself wealthy to need estate planning. You can make good decisions after you have learned about the various options and choices you have for lifetime disability planning, protection planning for children and adults, asset transfer planning and IRA planning.

Planning for your future should start in the present.

Plan at Any Stage of Life: It doesn’t matter if you’re young and single, a married couple with young children, or preparing to settle gracefully into retirement, the time to start planning for the unexpected is now. Young adults can make sure someone can act on their behalf for financial and medical purposes. Couples with minor dependents can set up guardians for their children. Retirees can ensure their life insurance is intact, and their wills or trusts are up-to-date with their current wishes.

Do It Now! If you’re ready to start preparing for your future, I encourage you to reach out today by phone or email. Once I receive your message, my goal is to respond within 24 hours to maintain the highest level of professionalism, so expect to hear from me soon.

Intelligent DecisionsI frequently sit down with some really neat people and explain how estate planning can protect them and their families in the event of their mental disability or death. Some people do it; some people don’t; all adults should. It’s ALWAYS your choice. But you have to know what your choices are so you can make an informed decision.

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