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Firm Approach

Mission Statement

The vision of the Carlson Law Office is to provide estate planning strategies and solutions tailored to meet your goals and needs. My mission as an attorney is to:

  • Help you learn what you need to know about what happens to your family if you’re incapacitated or when you pass away. This way, you can set your family’s course intelligently, knowingly and purposefully
  • Provide a planning process developed from years of experience in estate law
  • Treat you in a friendly and professional manner
  • Help you identify your important goals and the legacy you want to leave behind
  • Provide you with intelligent, strategic, creative, and practical choices to empower you to make informed decisions about leaving your legacy
  • Provide you with quality, customized, and comprehensive estate planning solutions to meet the needs of you and your family
  • Help you design and implement the best plan to achieve your vision and goals while reducing or eliminating your concerns. This way, you can enjoy more freedom, confidence and peace of mind in your day-to-day life.

Core Values

I treat my clients as though they were my family. I thoroughly enjoy helping others be prepared when it comes to the future of their assets and their families. In doing so, I stick to three main values: integrity, professionalism, and commitment.



Integrity is defined as “being consistent in one’s actions and values.” Based on my Christian faith, I treat all of my clients with honesty and truthfulness. If you do not need a certain document or plan I will tell you. I will consult with you so you determine what is best for your situation and you make the ultimate decisions.

I approach estate planning from the Biblical perspective that what we have is not ours. Rather everything belongs to the Lord, and He has entrusted us with it while we are here on earth. We also pass what we have to our heirs as a matter of continuing stewardship and provision for our loved ones.



The practice of law is an honorable profession—one in which we should serve our clients with unwavering devotion. As an attorney I am held to high ethical standards, and I carefully ensure that I am well within the law in all that I do.

In addition, I vow to be upfront and honest about my fees. I will not begin work until we have both agreed on a fee and you, as the client, have signed and returned to me the engagement letter. Finally, when it comes to staying in contact with my clients, I follow the “24-hour” rule, which means I try my best to return all phone calls and emails within one full day.



Commitment is a word that I do not take lightly. Throughout my life I have made several commitments; two of which take top priority in my life. First, I am committed to serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Second. I am committed to my wife and children to be the best husband and father. Third, I am committed to providing my clients with the service they deserve.

I want to earn your trust and respect and assist you in meeting your needs and goals. The only way I know to do this is to serve you with integrity, professionalism, and commitment.  I want you to understand the estate plan you choose and help you find the best plan possible for your individual needs.


The Carlson Law Office Difference

First and foremost, I will listen to you from the moment you walk through my door. Paying close attention to and understanding your needs is the most important thing I can do. You are in control. Your stated goals, concerns and vision for your family help me to share with you some options, choices and strategies to obtain your goals and calm your concerns.

Additionally, I’ve developed a tried and true legacy planning process to help my clients accomplish what they want during their time spent in my office. This includes:

  • Finding the best will or trust for your personal needs
  • Setting up disability planning
  • Ensuring your children are cared for
  • Creating a video or written statement explaining the decisions you’ve made throughout our process
  • Maintaining your plan in the future as circumstances change.

After years of acquiring knowledge and experience, I’ve crafted this blueprint to efficiently and effectively plan for your future.

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