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COMMENTS FROM SATISFIED CLIENTS  (Actual Client Testimonials in Their Own Words)

About Meeting Your Needs

  • “I was impressed with you in the way you took interest is me.”  (Gene T. 8/15/15)
  • “He truly cares about what he does by his eagerness to make sure we understood the whole plan.” (Alan S. 8/18/15)
  • “Working through the process with Marc has provided us with a great sense of relief.” (Gaylen & Mimi. 2013)
  • “He made sure all questions and concerns were addressed and clarified.” (Kevin P. 8/13/15)
  • “Marc did a terrific job of explaining how my trust would work.” (Anne W. 8/9/15)
  • “Finished product was amazing, very well organized and well documented.”  (Bob H. 8/6/15)
  • “He listened to our goals and concerns and explained everything in an understandable way. He took the necessary time to teach us about the various options available to us so we could choose the best estate plan for us.”  (Jim D. 5/2015)
  • “We were pleasantly surprised with the fee for Marc’s services, which was very fair.” (Kurt & Mary. 8/18/15)

About Marc Carlson’s Personality & Style

  • “He has a presence about him that makes you feel like you have known him for years.” (Alan S. 8/18/15)
  • “He was kind and courteous.”  (Anne W.  8/9/15)
  • “Marc is easy to talk to, personable, people-oriented, and easily accessible.” (Shirley W.  8/8/15)
  • “If we were to pick one word for Marc it would be genuine.” (Connie K. 8/7/15)
  • “Marc is a friendly, caring, and competent attorney.” (Diana D. 5/2015)
  • “He made us feel comfortable and at ease with a courteous, pleasant and respectful demeanor.”  (Diana D. 5/2105)

About Marc Carlson’s Professionalism

  • “Marc is a superior professional.” (Alan S. 8/18/15)
  • “Marc is exceptionally organized to the last detail.”  (Alan S. 8/18/15)
  • “Marc’s professional demeanor is one of being well organized, competent and caring.”  (Larry K. 8/7/15)
  • “We so appreciate the time, advice, and explanations Marc provided throughout the entire process.”  (Gary H. 3/2015)
  • My wife and I are retired, and it was important that our estate is protected for our children as well as possible. Being new to the area, I had no knowledge of any local attorneys that could handle estate (and will) planning. I searched on the internet and found Marc Carlson. What impressed me with him are the following: (1) He has many years of experience as a lawyer and estate planner; (2) estate planning is all he does, so he is very experienced and knowledgeable about this area of law, and stays up to date on all the law changes in this area; (3) he takes the time to walk you through the various facets of estate planning and provides insights into what you should consider to do; and (4) he puts together a very useful binder that captures a lot of key information and all of your documents in one place. A big plus to me was that he had some great examples of car and liability insurance information that I have never seen another lawyer discuss or provide. The updates we made to our insurance, if we ever have to use it, will be priceless and more than pays for his estate planning costs. I highly recommend Marc Carlson to anyone who has put off, or needs to update, their estate planning, be it wills or trusts. Marc has many years of experience and this is all he does, unlike many other lawyers who cover many different aspects of law and cannot be as knowledgeable and experienced in estate planning laws as Marc.  Rick and Linda M., August 2019

    Rick and Linda M
  • Marc systematically walked me through every step of the process. He took the time to make sure I understood the pros and cons for every decision I made. He clearly laid out my options and made recommendations. He delivered an outstanding and complete binder that include all the addition material/documents that you need to move your assets into the trust. Marc is truly customer service focused, provides complete and high-quality work and in my opinion, is one of the best, if not the best in Estate attorney. Marc is exceptionally organized to the last detail. He is easy to talk to, personable, people-oriented, and easily accessible. He is an extremely knowledgeable attorney with integrity, who genuinely cares about you. Stephen L, September 26, 2019

    Stephen L
  • My wife and I engaged the services of Marc Carlson to educate us and assist in the preparation of our Revocable Living Trust. We originally desired to have our wills reviewed by Marc for proper wording and effectiveness.  During our first meeting, Marc educated us on the pros and cons of wills versus trusts.  We quickly came to the conclusion that the trust was the proper instrument for us. Having had time to read the entire trust binder, we are ready to share our views on the service provided by Marc.  We had upcoming travel plans which put us in a bit of a time crunch to get our trust completed.  Marc did all the things that were necessary to get our product finished in a very short time period. He also has been very versatile in scheduling follow-up meetings.  We find our trust plan to be complete and accurate.  Marc did a great job in explaining not only the entire process but also all of the complicated documents in the trust.  His knowledgeable, easy-going style and method of explanation went a long way with us.  We highly recommend Marc to anyone with estate-planning needs.  In the end, we feel fortunate that Marc was recommended to us by a local banker, and also feel that the product we received is a great value. Doug and Barbara S.  -  March 30, 2018

    Doug & Barbara S
  • He listened to our goals and concerns and explained everything in an understandable way. He took the necessary time to teach us about the various options available to us so we could choose the best estate plan for us.

    Jim D.
  • "He truly cares about what he does by his eagerness to make sure we understood the whole plan."

    Alan S.
  • Marc Carlson of Carlson Law Office provided a great service for us. Marc prepared a Revocable Living Trust for our family and he did a great job of explaining and outlining the provisions of the trust and how it all worked. He offered many different suggestions as to how to best structure the document and spent a lot of time making sure we understood how it all worked and what our options were. We are very pleased with the final outcome of the trust, how it works and the cost to complete the document was less than we expected. We would recommend Marc to anyone who needs estate planning advice and solutions. Thanks Marc for a job well done.

    Paul and Lynn
  • We knew it was time to investigate estate planning, and our financial advisor recommended attorney Marc Carlson. After investigating Marc’s superior ratings by Martindale-Hubbell and AVVO, we decided to work with Marc on our estate planning. He explained everything in terms we understood that allowed us to select the right planning options to attain our goals for our family. We so appreciate the time, advice, and explanations Marc provided throughout the entire process.  We now have a wonderful tool to guide us through the maze!  Thank you, Marc.

    Gary and Jan
  • Marc did an excellent and thorough job drafting our wills and trust. He listened to our specific estate planning needs and created all of the relevant documents to meet our needs.  He explained the process to us at each step and was always available by phone for any follow-up questions. His written "to-do" list made it simple for us to do the homework to title our assets appropriately. I would recommend Marc to anyone looking for an estate attorney.

  • I wanted to get my affairs in order so as not to leave a mess for my children to deal with at some point.  I was anxious and overwhelmed thinking about it.  The good news is I feel a great sense of relief and peace after having spent time with Marc.  He is a teacher at heart.  I learned so much and am confident and well informed regarding the package I own.  Marc is detailed, organized and professional.  My trust book is indexed and contains all the documents needed to maintain and update as needed.  Marc made this fun!  I consider him my friend.  The take away is that I now am organized and confident.  It feels so good to have a plan and the detailed guidance to work the plan.  I highly recommend Marc's services. Thank You Marc.

  • Successful people by their nature are good at their particular expertise and often times feel their knowledge can be carried forward to other fields, such as an understanding of law. Spend an hour or so with Marc and it will become apparent that he is the successful expert in the field of estate planning law. Many of my colleagues have just used simple wills as their plan assuming it was adequate and inexpensive. Before you choose adequacy, discuss the options with Marc and become enlightened. You will see a better way.

  • Mr. Carlson was extremely helpful in preparing our Trust and Wills. His courteous and informative demeanor proved invaluable as we reviewed our situation and implemented a plan that met our requirements. His ability to explain the complexities of what we were trying to accomplish was wonderful. He remains available and willing to help us as we address various issues as they arise regarding our Trust and Wills.

    Lou and Peggy
  • Financial Peace University made it clear we needed to have a will in place. Marc guided us through the entire estate planning process and helped us to pick instruments that would not only protect us and our estate, but would also protect our children and grandchildren, create a living will and long term care instructions. Marc thoroughly explained all the sections in our Revocable Trust and how to fund it. I respect his Christian values while guiding us only to what we needed. A+++ service.

    Paul and Pam
  • I lost my wife to cancer at age 57 and remarried seven years later to create a large blended family. I needed to design an Estate Plan that will be able to pass my assets to my family in the manner that I desire. With Marc Carlson’s guidance and knowledge, we implemented a high quality Revocable Living Trust and a new Pour Over Will that met my wishes for protecting my children and my wife in a manner that should make everything clear to all and prevent any disputes. Marc was courteous and pleasant to work with, he helped me by providing my options and choices, and he communicated in an understandable way. I highly recommend Marc Carlson as an estate planning attorney.  Marc is very professional and easy to work with.

  • Marc walked us though legal complexities, showing us the best way to avoid estate taxes and probate. He helped us refine our goals. The process of organizing our estate became a springboard for some deep family conversations.  As we presented our plans to our children, we had the precious opportunity to talk about our values and dreams for them, far beyond the dollars they would eventually inherit. Marc was approachable and knowledgeable. He translated legalese into something that made sense for us. He showed us options and let us choose the best for us. We felt we were in good hands.

    Mark and Nancy
  • A friend at church referred me to Marc Carlson after my husband had a severe debilitating brain stroke. Marc was very compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and efficient in helping me set up a complex conservatorship court proceeding.  It was a very difficult time in our lives but Marc's terrific help during this time was such a relief. Marc also used his expertise in setting up a revocable living trust plan for my husband and me. I highly recommend Marc. He is a very skilled, competent and professional lawyer.

  • My wife and I generally do not write reviews for products and services; however, we would be remiss if we did not share the positive experience we had after engaging Marc Carlson. Having recently moved to Longmont, we had no knowledge of attorneys in the area that we could call upon to design an estate plan for our three children. Several local attorneys were located online. I attempted to contact them, but none of these initial calls were returned.  Frankly, I gave up on my attorney search.  My wife then continued the effort to locate an appropriate attorney and found Marc Carlson online. Marc immediately returned her call.  After a very informative first meeting (no charge), we decided to engage him to create our unique estate plan. Marc scheduled a follow-up meeting with us at his office where we provided him with all of the necessary information.  After several emails and a final meeting, we were in possession of our completed estate plan.  Not only was it a satisfactory plan, but also it was done within the very short time frame that we had set for completion due to a previously planned trip. Marc explained all of the complex issues involved in the establishment of a comprehensive estate plan and made sure that we had a full understanding of our plan.  We were pleasantly surprised with the fee for Marc’s services which was very fair. Based on our experience with Marc, we would highly recommend him without hesitation.

    Kurt and Mary
  • My husband and l learned a lot about the importance of having a living trust. Marc is very knowledgeable and organized. The instructions were easy to follow. We feel that we have made everything easier for our children and that is a very good feeling.

    George and Kathalene
  • My husband and I have been contemplating our NEED to set up a Will or Trust for years.  After attending a seminar on Living Trusts that was presented by Marc Carlson, we knew we NO longer could procrastinate.  Not only did we realize how critical it was to have things in order, we also knew we found the right person to help us understand and implement a comprehensive Estate Plan.  Marc is exceptionally organized to the last detail.  He truly cares in what he does by his eagerness to make sure we understood the whole plan.  I also would add that he has a presence about him that makes you feel like you have known him for years.  Marc is a superior professional.

    Alan and Nataly
  • We are very pleased with the revocable living trust services Marc provided to us. Marc is a friendly, caring, and competent attorney. He made us feel comfortable and at ease with a courteous, pleasant and respectful demeanor. He listened to our goals and concerns and explained everything in an understandable way. He took the necessary time to teach us about the various options available to us so we could choose the best estate plan for us. We didn’t feel rushed to make our decisions. He promptly returned our phone calls and answered all of our questions. The required documents were provided to us in a well-organized and indexed binder. He also helped us make appropriate decisions about changing titles and beneficiary designations. We highly recommend Marc.

    Jim and Diana
  • Barbara and I were extremely pleased with our experience working with Marc on our estate plan development. For some time, we have debated whether to establish a trust or just update our wills. Marc showed us the advantages of the trust creation, and how many advantages there are to the trust. We could not be more pleased with the quality of service, quality of documentation and the overall value of the product and advice we received. Marc's knowledge of the process made us very comfortable and he took the time to explain in detail our particular options and how each one would benefit our particular situation. His communications to us were easy to understand and he was always responsive to our questions. It is a rare thing in today's world to have a lawyer or any other professional give you all the time required to understand something without making you feel rushed into a decision. Marc certainly always made us comfortable. His knowledge of the estate planning process is superior, and it is obvious after his long experience, he still maintains a desire to learn more and to keep abreast of all current changes in laws and processes affecting his clients. In addition to his knowledge and professionalism, Marc has an easy style that immediately makes you comfortable. He was always courteous and non-intimidating, and made us feel that he truly wanted our plan to be ours, not what he thought it should be. The documentation we received was very comprehensive, and included many "how to" needed to fund and complete the plan. Overall, we would highly recommend Marc to anyone seeking advice and help on estate planning. You won't go wrong if you choose Marc

    Joe and Barbara
  • My husband and I knew we needed to put a living trust in place but had no idea what that entailed. We searched for someone local in Longmont and quickly learned that Marc Carlson was well respected and highly rated. After our initial consultation we were confident we found the right guy. We were not disappointed. Marc systematically walked us through every step of the process. He explained the pros and cons for every decision we made. He clearly laid out our options and made recommendations. He dedicated a significant amount of time and delivered an impressive and complete trust binder. Marc went above and beyond to help with some funding questions. Marc is truly customer focused, provides complete and high quality work and, in our opinion, is one of the best, if not the best, estate attorney around. We are completely satisfied and would recommend Marc to our friends and family.

  • My husband and I procrastinated when it came to getting our affairs in order. We were both in perfect health, according to recent medical exams, and we didn’t feel any sense of urgency for estate planning. But the unexpected happened, and we were caught unprepared. At age 65, my husband had a massive stroke, which almost took his life and resulted in many months of hospitalization and long-term care. He was left permanently disabled, requiring 24/7 care. Our lives were turned upside down, and everything was further complicated by the fact we did not have a revocable living trust, including power of attorney documents, in place that would allow me to make medical and financial decisions for my husband. That is why we recently turned to Marc Carlson for legal advice. Marc has provided invaluable counsel and expertise in helping us with our estate planning. He has proven to be not only knowledgeable, professional, well organized and efficient, but also honest, caring and compassionate. It has given us peace of mind to know that we now have everything in order. I would encourage everyone, regardless of age or circumstances, to plan for the future now. I highly recommend Marc Carlson as a competent and experienced attorney who can provide the legal advice necessary to help you make informed decisions in planning for your future.

    Tony & Penny
  • Marc is a wonderful attorney who put together our customized estate planning portfolio. He is professional and personable with a warm sense of humor. My husband and I put off our trust/wills for years because we feared the process would be intimidating; yet working through the process with Marc has provided us with a great sense of relief. We are confident we now have a well thought out, comprehensive estate plan for our children. Marc is an extremely knowledgeable “hard to find” attorney with integrity, who genuinely cares about his clients, and  is incredibly patient and responsive. While working with us on complex issues, he answered our questions with clear explanations and has a gift for translating our needs into legal language. If you are considering an attorney for estate planning, look no further...we highly recommend Marc!!!  Our personalized plan included Living Trusts, Pour-Over Wills, General Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, etc., along with LLC’s and operating agreements. Our trust book is a well-organized and indexed presentation with all the important documents that will be periodically updated by us for our children.

    Gaylen & Mimi
  • “We so appreciate the time, advice, and explanations Marc provided throughout the entire process.”

    Gary H.

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