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At Carlson Law Office, LLC, customer satisfaction and loyalty are our hallmarks.  Our clients understand and appreciate the holistic value of what they receive – service and product. Our primary mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs. We provide professional counseling and guidance in an understandable way, as well as quality documents that provide the solution you want for your estate planning. You will never be rushed into making decisions about the planning you want. Providing exceptional service is about taking the necessary time to provide friendly and assessable counseling so that clients receive the plan they want and understand the plan they choose.

To meet these goals, we strive to:

(1) Listen to your questions, concerns and goals in a caring, friendly, non-threatening and professional way.

(2) Inform you about what can happen to you and your family if you become mentally incompetent during your life from accident, stroke or dementia, and what can happen to your family after you pass away.  Life can change in a moment’s time.

(3)  Help you think about your goals so you can obtain the Will or Trust plan that satisfies your needs.

(4)  Assist you in the discovery of practical options, alternatives and choices to empower you to design your plan based on knowledge.

(5) Provide legal consultation, advice, and a planning “process”, as well as quality of service, overall value at a fair and reasonable price, responsiveness, and understandable communication.

(6) Create customized and comprehensive planning documents that meet the needs of you and your unique family.

(7)  Guide you to properly implement and “fund” your plan (asset titles and beneficiaries).

Expert Education & Estate Planning Analysis Consultation

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